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                當前位置: 主頁 > 學院概況 > 組織機構 > 列表

                1、學院董事會 Board of Directors

                2、院長 President

                3、院長助理 Assistant President

                4、院辦公室 Executive office

                l 信息化管理 informationalization management

                l 文件檔案李冰清思绪混乱管理 document management

                l 對外聯系與接待 external relations and reception

                l 宣傳、監察 publicity and supervision

                l 勞動、人事 human resources

                l 外事 foreign affairs

                5、教育教學部 Educational department

                l 日常教學管理 teaching management

                l 學籍管理 management of student status

                l 教學研究與課程開發 teaching research and course development

                l 學生工作指導服務i guide service for students

                l 專兼職教師管理 faculty management

                l 實驗實※訓管理 management of experiment and field training

                l 教學設備與圖顺利書館管理 management of teaching instruments and library

                6、市場開卐發部 Marketing research and development department

                l 招生與就業服当快走到别墅门前務 recruitment and employment service

                l 國際合作 international cooperation

                l 校際、校企合作 intercollegiate and college-enterprise cooperation

                l 專業这时候朱俊州一手拿着砍刀課程開發 specialty course development

                l 就業市場開發 employment market development

                l 生源市場開發 recruitment market development

                l 證書培訓與鑒定 certificate training and appraisal

                7、繼續教育部 Continual Educational department

                l 高等要不然就算是鬼太雄正在门外學歷文憑教育【 higher education for degree and diploma

                l 非學歷教育與培訓 non-diploma education and training

                8、後勤服務※公司 Logistics Service Co.

                l 維修服務 maintenance

                l 師生公寓管理 apartment management

                l 車輛管理 vehicle management

                l 安全保衛 security

                l 綠化衛生醫療 virescence, health care and medical service

                l 餐飲服務 dining service

                l 行政生直直活設備管理 management of administrative facilities

                9、資財管理部 Accounting and property management department

                l 日常財務管理 accounting administration

                l 固定資產管理 management of fixed assets

                l 內部收費項目管理 management of internal-charged items

                l 預算控制々與核算 budget controlling and accounting

                l 資產運作 asset operation

                l 稅務 tax administration

                l 董事會財務總監 financial director of the directorate

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